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short summaries of episodes from the 1999-2000 school year

(starts late due to lack of records before February 1st 2000)



Unlive Greatest Hits Episode. Wells and Matt were seeing Beck in Columbus. Including clips and moments from "The Weak" and also the older show "Hot Damn."


"The Good, the Bad, and the Natty" The first show with the new format. Clips included the Teletubby skit, CP vs. the mountain, Like a Virgin, Nerd, the Cardgame. Special guest was Henry playing guitar.


"A Fistful of Cobras" Clips from a kicking party, Political Commentary and Ezra's Stroke of Ninjitsu. Special guest Ezra.


"For a few Gypsies More" Clips include the Beach, and CP vs. the Ravenlord. The Beach is a love story filmed at Strouds run in nearly subzero weather, involving partial nudity and pot. The special guest of the episode was Beach.


"Weakass Review" Our rival show referred to us in such a manner so we got them back and made the worst episode ever. We showed the beach again, along with clips from Riki Oh, Bleeders, Dead Alive, and the Angry Henry clip. Special guest Josh of "Big Dork Magazine" and his clip Meigs Medieval Muthafucker.


"Giant Herman Wouk Clones From Outer Space" Clips=The Memphis Presley Project, Teletubby, Anthony, the Cardgame. Some imps/gremlins/or something invaded the television studio.


"The Ben Frech Benefit" To raise money to get Ben a middle name. Clips included a skate announcement, Stroke of Ninjitsu, Teletubby, Ninja Battle, Middle Name PSA, CP vs. Ravenlord. Special guest Ben. (p.s. we raise $80 in Pesos, his new middle name is Lalich)


Rerun. Leo was out of town (seeing some bands or something)


"Forces You Can't Comprehend" For this show the The Destruction of an American Stove, Angry Henry, gore movies, and Teletubby were all shown. We started a new tradition of the Bruce Clip of the Week with a clip from Waxwork.


"Wrestle Our Pants Off" Obviously a wrestling episode. Clips; Angry Henry, Gummo, Stranglemania, Rasselmania. Bruce Clip of the Week was from Mindwarp. Jarred (aka Frankie) of the WRC and star of Rasselmania showed up.


"Wells's Last Show Special" Wells was surprised by this one. Angry Henry, Stranglemania 2, the Beach, Teletubby, Jed vs. Richard match. The Bruce Clip was from Evil Dead 2. Wells's replacements included Karl, Nate and Dances with Bleach. Also the 25th show ever


"Wells is Gone" Clips included The Streaking Mute, Money for Ice Cream, Flowers, a clip from Bloodsuckers from Outer Space. The Bruce Clip was from Escape From L.A. Special guests were numerous; Summer, Kelly, Nate, and CP.


"Disgustorama" Wells and Matt reunite in their hatred for the rival show with a new intro. Clips include Nate as Wells, Roughriders, Abortion, Poop, and a clip from Scarface. The Bruce clip was from the tv show Xena. Special guest was Beach once again.


"We Rule" Clips shown this week were as follows; Bloodsuckers From Outer Space, Neck Break, Mankind, Nerd, and Robot. The Bruce clip was from Moontrap. Special guests included Dances with Bleach, Nate, etc.


"Braindead" Bob's stuff, Phish PSA, the Meanest Man in the Universe, Shark Attack I, Riki Oh were the clips for this week. Bruce clip of the week was taken from tv show Jack of all Trades. Guests included Nate and Kelly.


"Ghost Riders in the Sky" Senseless Violence, Shark Attack II-Land Shark, Trash PSA, Superheroes, Teletubby made up the clips for this week along with Army of Darkness for the Bruce clip of the week. A talking coke can was this week's special guest.


"Vote Weak" for student senate of course. Clips included Short, Shark Attack III-Car Shark, People Cut up, Videogames. McHale's Navy starred Bruce, and we used it for the clip of the week. Special guest was a talking snake this week.


"Request a Clip" Superheroes, Phish PSA, Nate as Wells, The Beach, Political Commentary, and Videogames were all requested. We forgot the Bruce clip of the Week. Scary Jerry showed up as special guest.


"Cowabunga" the last show of the school year. Clips included both the old and new intro, Like a Virgin, Big Pun from Urban Menace, Riki Oh. The 10th and final Bruce clip of the week was from Evil Dead I.

*--indicates a showing of the Bleeders clip

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