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short summaries of episodes from the 2000-2001 school year



Untitled. The First episode of the school year. Clips include Brando from Free Money, Teletubbies, 3 Methods, What We Did This Summer, Cross Eye.


"Greenery+Closed=Watch Us" We showed Roughriders, Poop, Beach, Duckhunter, 3 Methods, and Dock Jumping. We started the tradition of bad joke of the week with The Cheesy Joke. Special guest was Dances with Bleach.


"Should it Stay, Or Should it Go?" Animal Masturbation, Anthony, Abortion, Nate as Wells were the clips for this week. Dances with Bleach returned.


"We are What Dreams are Made Of" Clips for this week were Caller's suck, Animal Masturbation, Man Attacked by Bear, Video Game, CP vs. Ravenlord. The bad joke this week was Holy Smokes.


canceled due to technical sabotage (the rival show).


"Phish Broke Up...Now Bathe" Phish PSA, the Card Game, Where are They Now?, nerd, and Free Money were all aired this week. The studio audience was made up of Jesse and Ben.


canceled due to more technical sabotage.


"Halloween Special" Memphis Presley Project. We also showed clips from such fine horror films as Evil Dead II, A Christmas Story, Dead Alive, and Bleeders.


"Election Day Special" We showed Political Commentary and the Abortion Skit. We had two political commentators; Adolf Hitler and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.


"50th Show Special" That's right, it was the 50th show ever, kick ass. We aired the Meanest Man, the Streaking Mute, the Card Game and two new skits; SHIT! and the Computer Store. Special guest was Richard.


Untitled. The first show back after winter break. All new material; The Worst X-mas Ever Because Robots Attacked and Killed Everybody and Boxing Match. The Bleeders Clip was retired/fired and we showed a clip from The Pit instead. Ezra was a special guest who brought a music video for his band Poppycock and Tom Cruise also showed up.


Untitled. Another great show that aired some great clips; Shit! CP vs. Ravenlord, Dances with Bleach, Angry Henry, When Men Attack with Bears, and the Anthony skit. We also continued the competition o replace the Bleeders clip by airing clips from Ghoulies 3 and the Pit. We also showed the Hail to the King commercial. Bleaches was special guest.


Another Untitled show-how uncreative. We showed The Pit and Ghoulies 3, however they were insulted by the callers so they could be replaced. We also showed the Ruff Ryders Henry skit, Superheroes, and the Meanest Man. Our friend Jarred gave as a copy of Squirrel Exploits 2001, which got a great reaction. Bleaches, Gaven and Johnny Diptard (1 or 2) showed up and amazed the audience.


This week we aired several new skits as well as a brand new intro featuring Bruce Campbell exclusively. The new skits were a Johnny Diptard Interview and Animal S-E-X. We showed the old classic the Tellatubbies skit to the audience's amazement. We continued the Bleeders Replacement contest, with a scene from Riki Oh joining the fight. We got bored towards the end of the show and took a break.


We had another new intro this week, but several parts of it kept fucking up due to "copyright" laws or something. The stuff was mainly from movies--Riki Oh, Ghoulies 3, The Pit, and a clip from Crimewave (showcasing Bruce Campbell's talent)--but we also showed some other stuff. The older things we showed were Duck Hunter and Video Games. Some friends of ours, Neil and Ben, gave us a Bush diving skit. Thats pretty much all for this week other than the fact that there were too many people in the studio.


This show featured our first live bands playing in the studio. Das Guzzmans and Ferara Pan both played, although we didn't know about the second. Anyhow the sound was fucked and there was a group of about 20 people and a dog in the studio, but it rocked over all. We also showed a new clip--Boyscout vs. Santa vs. Fisherman. We showedthe Beach, and only had time to show Riki Oh clips, sorry Ghoulies/Pit fans.


The main new point of this week is the winner was announced for the "Who will replace Bleeders Contest." And the winner was Bleeders ("the only clip good enough to replace itself") with runners up Ghoulies 3 and Riki Oh. We showed 2 new skits--Fridge Imps and a Birthday Message. There were next to no callers (because OU doesn't get Access at the moment) so we showed long skits the Cardgame, Boxing, Smoking break, Boxing, and the new skit from last week involving boyscouts. If you live in the dorms complain to OU to get access returned.


This week's show was again plagued by the lack of caller's due to Glidden allegedly banning our show from Ohio University campus... Anywho, there were a couple of new skits, including the Axe Murderer and A Sunday Morning Drive. We also showed are hard hitting reports on Shark Attacks from last year and updated everyone on the extreme sport of dock diving. The show also had an exciting period of Wells's singing (only one caller cried).


We kicked off this showby airing the Memphis Presley Project and then going straight into a brand "new" intro (actually it was just a fixed up older one). We also showed RuffRyders Henry, Eat POOP!, Anthony, Abortion, Nate as Wells, and the Computer Store. As you can see their weren't any new skits, but Bleaches did appear with a story about our arch-nemesis Anthony (from 2 guys).


"Compilation #3: Dead Squirrel Corpses." This video compiles stuff that didn't make it on to the first 2 comps from last season, and stuff from this year up through January. The name comes from the skit about a half hour through the episode involving a dead squirrel corpse. This is naturally not live (due to schedule conflicts of The Weak in Revue members).


The show wasn't on because of spring break.


"Wells got Kidnapped Special." Wells was missing, so we did a dedication show with such skits as 3 Methods of a freshman and Nate as Wells. We also showed a clip from Icebreaker, an outstanding Campbell movie, and a spring break prank. About halfway through the show a masked bandit sent us a ransom note, and several imitators claimed to have Wells.


"Who Was the Masked Bandit." It turned out that Wells was kidnapped by Peppy in an attempt to steal a spot on the Weak. This was seen via a video sent from Peppy of Wells captured, and why he sent it, we're not sure. It was also Brando's 77th birthday so it was celebrated with cake and a viewing of the Easy Money clip. We also watched RuffRyders Henry, a Cartrip prank, Fridge Imps, Boxing, and a new one-Kungfu Part I.


This show was pretty standard, but good at the same time. We had several new clips, including Jesus Diptard and Kungfu Part II. Evan also brought up a clip of the uptown disturbances. We also showed the Anthony skit and the Meanest Man. There was also some guy who called in with a pretty sweet song.


There were tons of fuck ups on this started 20 minutes late, mics screwed up, callers were lippy...oh well. Due to "busy" schedules there wasnt a continuation of the Kungfu skit, and fact there wasn't anything new. We showed Nate as Wells, Nerd, Tellytubbies. Wells kept getting pissed, quiting the show and coming back so 8 callers requested he get hit in the nuts (a little extreme maybe, but it put him in his place).


Here was a pretty nifty show. The singing caller made an aural appearence so to speak, Wells was not pissed off, the studio audience included a helper monkey, Bleaches, and JDT (imitation). We also had a new skit-Kungfu III in which the tall lanky guy was tricked by the spirit of the woods. We also showed the classics; Video Games, Boyscout vs. Fisherman vs. Santa, Streaking Mute and the Card game.


Once again we were too lazy to have anything new...but we did show Eat Poop, Shit, When Men attack with Bears, and Jesus DipTard. We showed a brand new stolen clip from Bad Taste that was pretty darn good. The callers were obsessed with poo, John Khane, and various other trash. There was also an extensive list of sucky people and an overuse of polka music.


Another exciting show with some semi new stuff...We aired for the first time Kungfu Part 4 and a clip that was in the film festival the previous thursday. We also showed the Beach, Meanest Man, Superheroes, adn CP vs. Ravenlord. Callers seemed confused by these, with one comment that they were "cute and cuddly." There was also the recurring call from Athens most popular/talented singer/songwriter. A couple other calls were interesting, including some from Glidden, cancer, and some journalists.


Nothing new this week, although there was a huge studio audience (almost ten people). They got to show their talents in a sing-a-long about incest from the weekly "song-dude." In addition to this craziness, we also showed SHIT!, Kungfu I and II (instead of a new installment), Where are they Now?, Boyscout vs. Fisherman vs. Santa...and we ended the show with a sweet Ghoulies 3/Van Halen combo. Nothing but good, "clean" fun this week.


Nothing new this week--again. We showed Abortion, Fridge Imps, Anthony, and the Card Game skits. We had an educational discussion with cancer, the clap, and the bubonic plague...heard a song by the famed song-dude...and partied down to the craziness of a disco ball. Yeah.


More of the same, but some sweet callers this week-cancer, JDT fanclub, the song guy and so forth. We showed some great clips like Short, the Meanest Man, Nerd, Tellytubbies, and so forth. It started late and went late but thats what we're all about. G N F'n R.


Last episode until next school year, and the second annual request a clip episode. We showed Ghoulies to celebrate. The abortion skit, RuffRyders Henry, Boyscout vs. Santa, etc., and Fridge Imps were requested. We finally showed the conclusion to the KungFu saga, along with the previous 4 parts. The John Khane eats poop guy announced his graduation-congradulation to one of our most consistent viewers. Kick ass for the lord.

*--indicates a showing of the Bleeders clip

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