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short summaries of episodes from the 2001-2002 school year



Brand new show for a brand new year...New stuff included--Bruce Campbell meeting, A Weak Western, Family Vacation in Zombietown Mex, Stone Cold Guy, and the missing StarWars sex scene. We also showed the ever popular classic the Meanest Man, and managed to play Journey 4 times. Callers included Song guy, someone obsessed with Chris Reeves, and various other degenerates


Another show, even considering events of the day...we never deny you entertainment. We only had one new skit-the President's day Alien Fiasco (although it was filmed a month ago). Also there was a new movie clip, actually a preview, for the One Armed Executioner. We then showed classics-SHIT!, RuffRyder Henry, Superheroes, and the Anthony skit. Our side kick, Pepe, was pretty popular this show.


We had no new clips for this we dedicated it to classics of shows past. We showed Kungfu II (with different audio), the Boxing match, Boyscout vs. Fisherman vs. Santa, Nate as Wells, the Beach and the Tellytubbies/Nerd combo. We managed to confuse most our viewers, Wells got pissed about the the skit about him, and Mötorhead blasted the airwaves. Rock on.


No new original clips, although we did show a never before seen clip from Psychos in Love (never before seen for a was bad). We also showed When Men Attack with Bears, Eat Poop!, CP vs. Ravenlord and Jesus Diptard. Song guy had a good song about him and Peppy, Wells got kidnapped by the British Titilation, and it was El Muto's B-Day show. Nirvana graced the show this week (Kurt's dead).


Actually, there wasn't a new show this week. There was an emergency that came up. Actually Tremors 3 came out and we had a Tremors marathon. Rock 'n' Roll.


"The Banned Episode"--This is a show that may live on in infamy, what with possible lawsuits and all. Besides that, we showed RuffRyders Henry, Shark Attack III, Family Vacation in Zombietown, a Cartrip Prank, the Anthony Skit, Abortion, and a new one; Who's Your Dada? It was a fairly good show, except for that whole lawsuit incident.


So anyhow, this show went pretty well, callers were more content, the studio audience was in good form (including song guy), Bleeders still rules, etc. We showed some sweet skits; the Card Game, The Beach, Where are they Now?, Video Games, and a Weak Western.


The honored caller of this weak is without a doubt; the Mossman. Coming in close second is they british dude informing Wells he one some prize for literature. You can make up a number 3 for yourself. We showed; Nate as Wells, Cartrip Prank, the Worst X-mas ever, Tellytubbies, Nerds, and so forth.


"We March Live"--We March played live on the show this episode, which rocked. They play good music, you should check them out sometime (here & here). The played about seven songs and wowed the audience. Check the pictures out. We aired; Family Vacation in Zombietown, Boxing, Boyscout vs..., Eat Poop!, When Men Attack with Bears, and Abortion. Good show this week.


The Weak was cancelled yet again. This time it was for academic reasons, I guess Matt had a project due or something. A "best" of video was aired for your viewing pleasure.


Give us the fucking lazy award, cause we canceled again. Screw you.


First show in a while, and of this year. We showed RR Henry, Duck Hunter, Super heroes, and a Weak Western. Oh, and a brand new skit about a Magic that was actually edited (?!). And we had a brand new intro. Mothman called in and Nerdtron and some barfighting dark troll made guest appearances. Good start to the new year.


We showed the Rabbit thing again, it was our only new thing, sigh. We also showed The Meanest Man, The Beach, Cartrip Prank, The Anthony Skit, and Boxing. In anycase the show was fairly good, despite the lack of new things and an understaffed studio audience. Wells's dancing and his debate with Dr. Mike went suprisingly well.


Another debate with Dr. Mike, this time about 4-h. A sweet caller with good stories. Studio audience-Pepe, Britches, and R.D. Showed Who's my Dada, Card game, Fridge Imps, Computer Store, Streaking Mute, Tellytubbies, Nerd, and Nate as Wells.


This show is unofficially called "Cuddle Tunes with Puppies" because there were random girls and puppies and Dawson in the studio. And Wells danced to some music (although it couldnt be heard). Skits included the Meanest Man, When Men attack with Bears, Boxing, Anthony, and the Beach.


Boyscout, Shit, Where are they Now, Who's your Dada, and the Cardgame. I dont remember what else.


Anthony, Dockdiving, Jesusdiptard, and Short.


Tellytubby, Nerd, Boxing, Meanest Man, Cartrip Prank, Nate as Wells, and CP as Ravenlord.


Video Games, Fridge Imps, Cardgame, Shit, and the Cartrip Prank. We started the new trend of ending of the show which is a cheesy preview (this week it was The One Armed Executioner). Good callers and a mysterious guest with a gun.


I cant remember what happened on this show but I bet it was great.


We showed the great clips Cartrip prank, Boxing, Meanest Man and a clip from Ghoulies announce the week of yanking, Prank week that will start on April 1st. The 3 callers were some Bleeders fan, Dicky V. and some other guy. We ended the show with a preview for Boarding House.

So I stopped updating this page...what are you gonna do about one reads it anyway...fuck off and die

*--indicates a showing of the Bleeders clip

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