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short summaries of episodes from the 2002-2003 school year


I hadn't really started this yet but we've had 4 awesome shows (with all new clips)

October 8th*--100th Episode

Read about 100


Apparently after 100 shows Wells didn't feel like showing up anymore...Ricky filled in as a guest host and the couch didn't look the same without him. We played old skits because unlike some other shows this season (all right all of them) we didn't feel like making anything new...We did show a sweet preview for Hotwire at the end of the show though.


I guess we followed Wells's lead and didnt do a show...But Britches did win his soccer game this night with 30 seconds left and it was tied...and we screamed a whole lot, good for him.


Our halloween show was full of spookiness, for example our new skit about a masked boot running rampant and destroying a skit we were trying to make, dammit. We showed other scary stuff too, I'm sure.


The show started late as per usual, but we had two new skits-The Snoting and Imagination...I don't really remember what else...sorry


Wells didn't show up again so Jimi guest co-hosted...but we did have to entertaining frenchmen who answered questions and sang the meow mix song...Smells Baddington called in to mock them.


After our yearly winter break we came back in full effect. 2 new skits and a new show segment. The first new skit was B3 and the second was a collection of "outtakes" from previous skits. We also started the Battlefield Earth Chronicles (BEC) where we show 30 seconds from the movie each week.


This show started with about 5 minutes of silence, and had no new sketches, damnit. The couch was a little empty, just Curtis and Nick...but Matt found 50 bucks before the show, so it all was worth it. BEC continues.


The show became "joke central" for some reason. Wells got the wet blanket award for some or another reason. Jimi and Nick were the guests, and later Mike. We had two new skits--Jurassic Prick and Rump Roast. And the show didn't have any silent but deadly problems this week.


There was no show this week because Leo was out of town, or some lame excuse like that.


Wells had to study (lame) so he was replaced with a box. We didnt have any new skits because we were so depressed, but J-rod brought in a tape sampler type thing of his backyard rasselin'. We showed some classics like RuffRyder Henry, Computer store, and Taliban Ranger II.


They Happy Yum Yum Episode. No cussing, no naughtiness, no nothing. May have something to do with City Council naming us as public enemy #uno. Anyhow we had some new skits like a Healthy Prank, Cupids Hugs, No Humping, and a new intro. Callers seemed to like the old style better.


No New skits. No Wells. No fun... sigh.


Wells was independent of us once again. We didn't have new sketches, but it was a funny show.


Wells showed up for this one. And with good reason: Marc the Movie Geek of Beat the Geeks fame (Comedy Central) was special guest. He had a mixture of disgust and amusement for the show. It was a lot of fun.


The Wells Status: Not Present. But we did get our picture taken for the post. It was a pretty good show over all with Jimi guest co-hosting. No new skits, like the last 4 weeks, but there is talk of new stuff for next week.


Wells, not here as per usual, he had a paper or something stupid like that. Jimi co-hosted again and there were a whole bunch of people in the studio. Pretty standard show, but we finally got an e-mail from a fan (of Matt's sexy good looks).


We showed an old goody--dead squirrels being played with on Ct. St. People were offended. It was an entertaining show. New equipment too, yea.


Tax day. No new skits. But the show was pretty funny, excuse me, nerdy. Matt seemed displeased by conversations about parsecs while Ricky said snap a whole bunch. And of course no Wells, but he did call in from in front of a t.v. store?


We decided not to do the show even though Wells wanted to do it for once. We were working on some important ass shit, you know.


Wells came up to this show, but then got pissed at the callers and left...The only new thing that we showed was an invitation to prom from Jimi to some girl, a little animated gem. Lots of people were in the studio, and the co-host revolved like one of them doors.


Wells overcame his anger and came up to the shoe. And it was pretty good. Some new stuff: Turnbuckle Interviews, video, and Slapfest.


There was some piano playing, rotating couch members, Smells (wells' evil twin) showed up...and there was nothing new (no new skits iI mean).


No Wells, but Richard took up the hosting responsiblities. There was talk of ghosts, and cancer and mothman called in. 3 new skits; Leo and Stitch, Nick's Curse, and Prank Calls.


On this show Juan got his hair cut...pretty fancy screen in screen technology...oh yeah. Nothing new skit wise though, but it was the eve of Nick's birthday so he was extra happy when we showed the prank with the condom in his mouth.


Last show of the season, and possibly the last show with Wells... Premeired a somewhat rough version of the Razah Shop video. Discussed all sorts of nonsense, George Lucas got a nickname (Soup Bean/Bone). Good stuff.

*--indicates a showing of the Bleeders clip

+--indicates that Wells skipped

#--indicates an entry in the BEC (starting 01/07/03)

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