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short summaries of episodes from the 2003-2004 school year



What a "rememberable" show. First one of the fifth year, and first one with Nate, our new host. Nate's replaced Wells. This show had a new intro, and some new skits. We showed Nate as Wells, Boxing Match, Cartrip Prank, Boyscout vs Fisherman vs ones; Mike's 3 wishes, Dino Deemed DElightful, adn RD on the Street. We also showed a clip from Ghoulies 3. And this was the last show to air the Bleeders clip, sigh.


Due to forces you can't comprehend there was no airing of bleeders this week. But there was an interview with new cohost Natedawg. And there were all sorts of new people on the couch; including Mark, Desert Fox, and Scotty D. Other skits included Taliban Ranger, Pen Drop, and Reboob. Oh, and another new intro featuring Turnbuckle (the music of).


We already didnt have new stuff on this show. But Soup Bean told us a good story. And we showed some classic skits...Nate continued co-hosting...Desert Fox, Britches, Juan, Jared, etc were in the studio.


This week we had an endorsement from Jerry Springer that we picked up on his visit to Athens. Other than that we had nothing new, but we showed some stuff that people hadn't seen in a while.


Due to new access policy we had to screen all the calls before the callers could get on the air. This scared away some people, but Jarod was quite the phone regulator/bodyguard/bouncer/what have you. Lisa, Britches, Scotty D, and Monty Helped out as well, wow. We showed the Beach due to popular request, and some other crap...


What an exciting show. Stuff happened. Yet another new time slot (11pm now) Showed Jurrasic Prick, Taliban Ranger I & II, Chipmunk Stories, and Boyscout vs. Fisherman vs. Santa.


Yet another show in the exciting chronicle. Starring: Rabbit Box, Rump Roast, B3, Imagination, Razah Shop, Boxing Match, and Zombie Town...and who could forget; Cartrip prank.


Here's a show that with something new (huh?). We showed a clip of Nate, Jimi, & Scotty's (and some other jerks) band ASS COBRA doing an all Turbonegro set. The song we showed was called "The Age of Pamparius." We also showed some classics; Dead Chipmunk, Boxing Match, Anthony Skit, and the not so classics Worst Xmas Ever and XTV.


This was Nate's first sober show. The couch was suprisingly bare with only Nate and Monty (a veteran for Veteran's Day)...until they were joined by John. We showed classic skits as always...people had colorful things to say. The quote of the evening is "steel dirty workin' semen."


The first show of winter quarter went off without a hitch (lie). In any case this show had Jaun, Jared, Ricky D, and Nick--thats right he's back--on the couch. Since, it was Nick's first show back all the skits had him in it. Some good conversation involved a certain someone's lack of bowell control. [skits: Jurrassic Prick, Bad Luck Umbrella, Cliffhanger I & II, XTV, Rump Roast, and Spring Break Prank] GO HERE for some pictures by Robb


Here was a show dedicated to Beach. We showed Chipmunk Stories, Meanest Man, Dino Deemed Delightful, Murder Mystery, Smells Story Hour, Masked Skit Sabatoge, B3, and of course The Beach. Smells called in. Josh, Scotty, Monty, Nick, and Ricky were on the couch. There was a funny call about steel drums.


Another effed up begginning with sound and stuff. If youre interested it was because the input button and gain knob were in the wrong position on the behringer shark dsp110. But the viewers did get to see Monty, Nick, Jimi, Jaun, & Ricky and stunning gang colors. Skits included: Nate as Wells, Tellytubbies/Nerd, Boyscout v. Fisherman, Jurrasic Prick, Nate's Interview, and the Razah Shop video.


This show had an amazing call from someone using a relay operator-it was awesome in its idiocy. We showed Boxing, Ice Cream, Family Vacation in Zombie Town, Prank Call, Nick's Curse, and Cartrip Prank-Monty, Jimi, Nick, Jared, Jaun, George Lucas cheered.


I don't care what you say, one day we'll have a new skit...but until then... We showed RuffRyder Henry, The Anthony Skit, Boyscout Vs. Fisherman, Eat Poop, Johnny Walker Taliban Ranger, Cartrip Prank, and Regoob. Jaun, Monty, Nick, and Ricky sat on that there couch.


Ex-Host Wells's twin brother, Smells, made a guest appearance and ranted about pretty much everything. During this time Nate sat on the couch with Jimi, Nick, Monty, Jaun, and Ricky D. Skits included: Rump Roast, Tellytubbies/Nerd, Boxing Match, Chipmunk, Jurrassic Prick, Cartrip Prank, and CP vs. Ravenlord.


The callers were extremely awesome tonight. So a lot of the show was just talk between Matt, Nate and the couch (George L, Ricky D, Nick, Jaun, and Scotty D). Skits included Bad Luck Umbrella, Where are they Now, Taliban Ranger II (which pissed people off for the first time), Cartrip Prank, and Meanest Man.


Nate didnt show up for the beginning of the show, so he was replaced by a picture and a talking computer (with red hair). Nick, Jaun, and Ricky were lonely on the couch. Matt was turning...mexican. We played Computer Store, 2 nerds, Chipmunk Stories, Boyscout Vs. Fisherman, Imagination, and XTV


Nate was M.I.A. this show. I think the story was he went to visit his mother. In anycase Ricky D. guest hosted as Nick & Jaun looked on in awe. Jimi came up for a while, and Jaun and him talked about sports. We showed Pen Drop, Taliban Ranger, B3, Public Service Announcements, RD on the Street, Outtakes, Spring Break Prank, Nate as Wells, and by special request; the Razah Shop video.


Nate was out of town again...this time he was in Canada. Ricky D. was host if my memory prooves correct. There was no phone line so the show was more or less pointless.


Nate was back from his vacation. The boys on the couch discussed their favorite pranks from this year's prank week. The winner, the prank on Monty where he got all his clothes stolen. He found out who did it when he arrived at access and found Nick, Robb, Jaun, etc wearing his clothes.


Here was a show where not a lot happened. The couch was filled with Nick, Robb, Jaun, and Monty-but no Ricky D. or Geo Lucas. But the couch was real talkative and active (including Robb hitting Monty in the nuts with a toy microphone). We showed XTV, Boxing, Jurassic Prick, 30 stories of a Dead Chipmunk, Cartrip Prank, and Regoob.


A show on Hitler's B-Day, anniversary of Columbine, and a crappy hippy holiday all at once. Julian showed up to spice things up on the couch, including an idea about a time machine to go back to rape people as kids. Nate was a no show again (it took him a lot less time than Wells to pick up this habit) so Jared co-hosted with Matt.


I think to pay Nate back for skipping out on the show, Matt didn't show up tonight. So Nate took over the main chair (perhaps the first time Matt gave it up) and Rick D. co-hosted. The definate highlight of the show was when Nate's boss called in to fire him. We showed Nate's pics-Jurrassic Prick, Bad Luck Umbrella, XTV, Dino Deemed Delightful, Cartrip Prank, Regoob, and of course Nate's interview.


This show had both Nate and Matt in the hosting chair, for the first time in a couple of weeks. Also, Science stopped in to make a guest appearance, after leaving athens. There was a funny jokebook (funny cause it was used to hit Matt and Nate in the face). We showed: Nerd, Taliban Ranger I and II, Family Vacation in Zombietown (in honor of Cinqo De Mayo-the day of the dead), The Boot, Dead Chipmunk, and Spring Break Prank.


No one wanted to call in and talk to us, maybe it was cause George Lucas was sick. John, Monty, Robb, Rick D. and Nick was just off camera. We showed: Boxing, Video Games, Boyscout Vs. Santa, Computer Store, Pen Drop, Cartrip Prank, 30 Dead Chipmunk Stories, and Razah Shoppe Video. This show was not as fun as previous weeks.


John, Monty, and Matt could only look on as Ricky D. (filling in for Nate) and Julian drunkenly ranted. I think noone will look back and understand really what happened. I don't really recall what skits we played other than the Rabbit Box sketch that we hadn't played in a while.


Due to rain a lot of the couch was gone...and Nate was out of town at a concert. Rick filled in and Nick, G. Lucas, and Jared sat on the couch. Discussions of the 150th show and Real world ran rampant. Skits: Jurrassic Prick, Pen Drop, Couch Prank, Anthony Skit, Boxing Match, Cartrip Prank, Masked Skit Sabotage, XTV, and Ninjaz (a lot of skits).


The 150th show didn't really shine like it could have. But we did have some new skits including King of the Birds, The Weak in Revue Cares, and Flash Back! Monty answered the phone (sort of) and Nick, Julian, Henry and Adrian sat on the couch. Nate was absent once again, but he was probably lucky, and Rick D. filled in.

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