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On October 8th we had our 100th show ever. We have been doing the show for 4 years now and thats a lot of crappy television programming. If you have ever watched, you know what I'm talking about.

So anywho, for this show we went all out and had a 2 hour show...We had live bands playing. Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves was the first band that played. We March, who have played once before, finished up the music. They both rocked and it was fun. There were some retrospectives--including a skit one, a live stunts one, a tribute to Nate, and us smashing things--that we aired. We also had a top five skit countdown; 5. Johnny Walker Taliban Ranger II, 4. The Boxing Match, 3. The Rabbit Box, 2. The Meanest Man, and 1. The Beach. AND we even had cake, ice cream, and balloons.

Special thanks to all our "fans;" our studio audience; Nick and Jesse for the fliers; Zach, Curtis, Neil, John, and Derek (We March); John, Chris, Jason, Andrew, and Matt (Dirty Johnny); and Public Access, Leigh for working late and Zeb for doing sound sick.

Go look at flyer A by Nick and flyer B by Jesse.

Dirty Johnny on the show


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