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The Weak in Revue on the 10/9 episode (5C) received various calls that have lead to threats of a lawsuit. The parties shall remain anonymous (although all the participants are not known, due to the nature of the show). Words were said, feelings were hurt, lawyers were called. Was it slander? Was it free speech? What will happen next? No one is certain.

However, the Weak in Revue has been placed under a 30 days probation by AMAC. This may lead to a slight change in broadcast, but the show is still scheduled to continue--so fear not loyal viewer.

In any case the staff of the Weak in Revue wanted to make use of this space to pledge to continue working towards your entertainment. It is you, the viewer, that we work for, not a devious plan to destroy the reputations and feelings of anyone.

So please keep on watching, while you can.

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