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What does the Student Senate Of Ohio University do? God only knows. That's why Matt Handley and Wells Addington are running for President and Vice President respectively. Our platform is simple:

1) Return the Front Room to its former grace as a bar known as the Frontier Room. None of this coffeeshop bullshit, we want beer dammit.

2) Abolish grades, they're worthless anyway.

3)Whiskey in the drinkin fountains

40 Return OU to his former position of numero uno party school in the nation.

5) Abolish Campus Judiciaries- they have sex with goats.

6) Fire Glidden, he's done us no good.

Remember: Vote Weak for Student Senate

Matt Handley: President, Wells Addington:Vice-President

And remember, Wells and Matt are not on the ballot, you must YOU MUST WRITE US IN. We look foward to representing you in next year's Student Senate.