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So apparently WOUB, the local public tv station, has expressed some interest in our show. They came up to Matt in his place of work and said they were looking for college orientated shows, and asked him to think about it. They said they would give us our own crew and we would film in the RTV building. Of course the question that was on the tip of our tongues was, how much will we get paid. Probably nothing, so what's the incentive.

But I was wondering why in the world they would want us to (dis)grace their station. Have they even ever tuned in to our particular brand of humor, which tends to stray more towards death, destruction, and humping inanimate objects. Would we really be able to express ourselves freely on a pbs station...I want to be able to say fuck, ass sex, etc and talk about the grotesque and off limits.

In any case The Move is being discussed, especially if we get paid. No problem selling out if I could quit my job. So they better have their briefcases loaded, stuffed full of what our show is worth. In any case that's what is new in the lives of The Weak in Revue staff.


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